O2 Derm™ Relief

 Is a pure and simple gel, abundantly rich in molecular oxygen and nitrous oxide.  Molecular oxygen is known to promote healing and relieve muscle aches and pains. Nitrous oxide enhances this effect.

While there are many “oxygenated” products on the market, none contain pure molecular oxygen like O2 Derm™ Relief.  This unique, patented technology  supersaturates the gel with molecular oxygen.

Patients of chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists using O2 Derm Relief have reported significant pain relief, including joint relief.

Early adopters have appreciated the truly odorless, greaseless feel of this oxygen enhanced gel.  And unlike many menthol based products, O2 Derm Relief does not trick the skin with a counterirritant.  It’s both simple and effective.

For more information on and to purchase O2 Derm Relief go to https://www.reliefoxygen.com/

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O2 Derm™ Relief is a patented product owned, manufactured, and distributed by DERM Creations, L.L.C., 1600 Hulton Rd, Verona